Solo Trader

$49 Mth

Revenue up to 10K Mth

Lextra Rewards Loyalty Program:

1.  Market Direct² to all the customers that you “ Sign up” for Lextra Rewards 
2.  Market Direct² to all the other members customers that “Like” your Establishment
3.  Offer One-Time incentives to other members customers to “Like” try your establishment 
4.  Offer Special Deals to all consumers on Lextra’s online Marketplace
5.  Issue & Redeem Unlimited Points (from your Solo Rewards program good only at your business)
6.  Redeem Unlimited Lextra Points (issued by other members) from consumers
7.  Issue Unlimited Lextra Points** good at all members (minimum 3% expected) *** 
8.  Participate in Lextra’s group Marketing Program to all Lextra App users 
9.  Offer Special Trade Deals to other Lextra Merchant Members on the Lextra Trade Marketplace 

By proceeding,
I confirm my understanding of the Lextra programs, agree to comply with Lextra terms and conditions and honor all our obligations contained in the  Lextra Agreements.  
I have read all terms and conditions and accept them.
I understand that the monthly payment is recurring and is billed at the end of each month of use and can be cancelled at any time subject to any outstanding obligations. 
I understand that prior months services already used and paid will not be refunded.

² text, push notifications and email
* Subject to current consumer law and Lextra maximums 
** Subject to separate Lextra Credit approval (application will be emailed to you)  
*** Subject to Lextra Credit approval and terms Read Terms and agreement